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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

There are so many great resources that are now available online, hooray! Everything from helpful reminder apps for teachers, to a site that can help you control the youtube videos your students watch- nice!

One of the top read articles on this site is, 10 Bible Virtual Field Trips. Of course, the post was written in 2017, way before COVID-19. Once COVID-19 hit, so did the number of teachers wondering how to switch to a virtual classroom.

As I was doing some online research, I noticed a fantastic site that takes the 10 Bible Virtual Field Trips post to a whole other level. Thanks to the Museum Computer Network (MCN), there are hundreds of links to great museums around the world.

My guess is that you really don't have time to search through hundreds of museum links. I've perused some of the links and here are a few of my favorites. MCN mentioned on their site that they hope to keep adding to this list as it is not exhaustive (there are a lot of museums in the world- History teachers delight in this fact).

1- Europeana- This online museum resource has millions of items. You can create an account and have a board that allows you to keep your saved items for future reference. There are other resources and aids for teachers (how to create GIFs, 3D presentations, etc.).

2- English Heritage- Great for background studies. Lots of great information and graphics for the Roman period, Medieval, Victorian, and more.

3- Byzantine and Christian Virtual Museum- Exactly what it says. It is a virtual museum, "walk" around the museum and click on objects of interest. You can go on a thematic tour. There are also a few games you can play with your students in the game link.

4- Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East- Take a virtual tour. Great for OT background information and artifacts.

5- Museum of the Vatican- If you've been here, you know that there is a lot to see at the Vatican. Besides seeing the works of Michelangelo, there are virtual/video tours of the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, Jewish Lapidarium, Christian Lapidarium, and many others.

There are so many other great museums on the list compiled by the Museum Computer Network.

Not included in the above list is the Museum of the Bible. I look forward to putting together some tips on using their virtual resources for your classroom.

God bless!

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