Teachers Pay Teachers and Summer!

Happy Summer! I love all seasons, but there is something about summer that seems to shout "ADVENTURE!" Already, Summer of 2021 has brought some unplanned adventures. About two weeks ago I jumped on a plane to Colorado to help out some friends. It's been great and wonderful, but the change in plans has left me with a little more free-time than I was expecting.

Fortunately, with my free-time I have decided to amp-up the resource creation process and open a Teachers Pay Teachers store (The Bible Lesson). I LOVE, creating Bible resources for myself, others, and you (the reader). The goal of these products is to build my own resource library, while also creating time saving great products for your students.

Having been a Bible teacher in the past, I know the different and unique challenges that only Bible teachers experience. Of course, every Bible teacher wants their class to be the best, but often TIME is the biggest hurdle. Not to mention the fact that teaching students how to read God's Word is no small task!!

Then there's the different categories within the field of "Bible Study," such as: Spiritual Formation, Missions, Church History, Apologetics, Evangelism, Theology, Hermeneutics, etc. I don't think I know anyone who is an expert in all of these, yet...in some situations Bible teachers may be expected to be an expert in all Bible related subjects.

The truth is, teaching the Bible is fun, exciting, and super rewarding. In order to help you stay excited and save time, I opened a store. To start, I am creating products that I know will help my students. Seeing students engaged with the text is why I teach. Plus, the more they read the Bible, the more Biblically literate they will become. In order for this to happen, there needs to be resources available to motivate them to read their Bibles. Curriculum can be great, but when it's not meeting the student's needs, a different supplementary material may be just the ticket.

This month I created a "New Testament Genre Poster" (8.5x11). One of the first steps to correctly interpreting the text is to identify the genre. Literature teachers know that we don't read poetry the same as historical non-fiction, and we don't read our textbooks the same way we read Westerns.

The New Testament Genre poster is a free download in my store and will help students quickly identify the four main genres found in the New Testament. Each genre contains information to help the student correctly categorize the books they read in the New Testament.

My store (The Bible Lesson) will offer free and affordable resources. It would be wonderful to create content and resources that best meet your needs as a teacher. Please leave a comment below and share what resources you would like to see in the Tpt store.

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