Museum of the Bible K-12 Virtual Programs

Whether you're teaching your students remotely from home, or you're meeting with your students at school, the Museum of the Bible has an exciting program for your class. They offer on-site programs for classes that visit the museum, or live virtual experiences that you can share with your students.

You can click here to go directly to their site and find the information. But, if you would like to keep reading, here are the details:

There are two options for the K-12 Virtual Program:

1- Life in First Century Nazareth: "Experience the village of Nazareth during the time of Jesus. Meet the villagers and learn about their economy, culture, daily life, and religious practices. This program includes a virtual tour of the World of Jesus of Nazareth exhibit with living history interpreters. Students are invited to participate in real time with Q&A as they interact with the villagers(Museum of the Bible)."

2- Revolutionary Words: "Explore how Johannes Gutenberg made books more widely available, bringing changes to society through the development of the printing industry. Examine artifacts that reflect how books and bookmaking evolved, and watch a printing demonstration of the Gutenberg Bible. This program includes a virtual presentation of select galleries and artifacts on the History of the Bible Floor. The instructor provides a historical overview and invites students to participate in interactive activities, including a scribing challenge and a trivia game. The presentation also includes a pre-recorded demonstration of the Gutenberg Press (Museum of the Bible)."

If you're interested, you'll need to book at least 30 days in advance.

And...if you happen to be with your class and are in the area you can attend one of the on-site K-12 programs (I'm assuming you'll also need to book this 30 days in advance). As of today, their onsite school programs include:

Archeology and the Bible

Life in First-Century Nazareth

Religious Freedom and the Founding of America

Revolutionary Words: The Gutenberg Press

The Bible in the Ancient Near East

The Ancient Art of the Torah Scribe

If you happen to attend one of the one-site or virtual programs with your students, I would love to hear about your experience. You can leave a comment below or send an email to: bibleteachersunite@gmail.com.

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