Commentary Hack

As Bible teachers one thing is for sure, there are plenty of great resources for a seminary level bible studies. Those resources (though not really at the middle/high school grade level) are very helpful to prepare for a lesson. Commentaries can help me see potential viewpoints I never considered, highlight keywords that I need to talk about with my students, provide valuable background information, and help apply a complex passage to life in 2021.

However, commentaries can be expensive. A full-set of commentaries is priced in the hundreds, and it’s more helpful to consult more than one. If you’re lucky, perhaps you have access to a library with several full-sets of commentaries. Even if this is the case (like when I was in graduate school), there is a chance the library could be closed.

The hack: If you type google books in your search bar (see photo ), and then type “Commentary on the Book of ___________,” more than likely a nice list of commentaries will pull-up. Here’s the good part, some of these commentaries provide a preview of the material. There have been quite a few times it almost seemed like the entire book was available. To be honest, rarely have I struggled to find the information I was looking for. Of course it happens, the passage you are researching may be unavailable in preview mode, if this happens, try another commentary.

So there you have it, a quick little commentary tip.

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