Bible Stories They Won't Forget

I recently had the opportunity to attend a short class on sharing the Bible orally. There are many ethnicities where a written language has not been developed or where a group of people have not yet learned the language.


- To share with your students a narrative without reading.

- To encourage engagement with God's Word.

- A tool for evangelism

Here is a suggested approach and what I learned:

1- Choose a portion of Scripture, preferably narrative.

2- Model for the students the story telling method.


1- Tell the story.

2- Tell the story again, but explain to the students that you want them to picture it in their head like a movie.

3- Have the students make a skit, or popcorn different scenes from the story. (There are many other ideas on the storyrunners.org site)

4- Have the student practice sharing the story with a small group or one other person. They can open by saying, "This is a story from God's Word"...They can close by saying, "And that is a story from God's Word."

5- Discussion Questions:

- What did you like about the story?

- Anything you didn't like? Or have questions about? Don't quite understand?

- What does the story tell us about God?

- How can my life be different because of this story?

- Who can you share this story with?

Here's the cool part: After telling the story 5x, you will pretty much have it memorized

Here's the key, make sure to not change scripture when you tell the story.

This technique was taught by https://www.storyrunners.org/ . Please check out their website for more tips/tools/resources.

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