Observing Creation

It's an understatement to say that Genesis chapter one is hotly debated. That being said, chapter one clearly communicates God as the Creator of this world. One goal I have when teaching this chapter is for my student's to think of God when they are out enjoying nature. Taking a simple journey outside with a class can help students reflect on the kindness, care, magnificence, and beauty of our God. There are endless possibilities of what this may look like for your class. Here are just a few:

> An Infinite God. Grab magnifying glasses and have students take pictures of details of creation they've never seen. A simple walk around the park/school grounds with a magnifying glass can quickly reveal how little we know about creation, and ultimately of our Infinite God. Have them create a collage of their new discoveries.

> Begin with a question - What can we learn about God through creation? Have them explore and journal some ideas. This can be an opportunity to discuss the difference between general and special revelation.

> A Caring God. Have students choose a few plants or animals and reflect/observe how God takes care of his nature. This can be related to our authority over nature and also how God takes care of the details of our own lives.

Happy Exploring!

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