Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Wordle is an excellent tool to help your student's see the theme of a text. Before I would teach my students the importance of looking for repeated words throughout the passage, I would have them read through the passage and write down what they considered to be the author's main point. Then, as a class or independently we would enter the text into Wordle.

The students loved this! They instantly were able to see some important themes throughout the passage. Of course, this isn't guaranteed to always show the "main theme" of a passage. However, even if the "and" or "the" appear to be the main theme, it can point the student to make other interesting observations. Showing a redundant use of "ands" can reveal a pattern not previously observed.

Romans 8 is pictured above. The "Spirit" is clearly a word frequently used in this passage, as is God, and Christ. The use of these three names used so frequently together may help the student see the theme of the Trinity in Romans 8.

The fun thing about Wordle is that you can also be a little artsy. It's fun to play with the colors, fonts, and layout of the text. If I had more time I would probably choose a different color palette so that "Christ" was more visible.

Although I love introducing Wordle to my students, it took awhile for me to figure out how to make it work. It did not work for me on Chrome, but did work on Safari after I downloaded Java. A bit of a process, but definitely worth it.


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