Chaos!!! Genesis 1:1-2; 3

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." (New International Version, Gen, 1:1-2)

It's that time again! School has started and you're off and running. In many ways your life as a teacher begins much like the earth. In the beginning, we see the earth as formless and chaotic. As time goes on God gives purpose and function to our planet so that it will be productive and useful. Sound familiar?

Your student's come in a little chaotic after summer. If it's your first year teaching them, they probably don't know your class rules or expectations. Their knowledge of the subjects you teach are nonexistent or unpolished. Your job, bring order to the chaos. Help your students mature in their knowledge of the subject so they can be useful as they grow into adults.

There's a lot to Genesis chapter 1, but one clear theme is bringing order to the chaos. We get to be there for our students as they may feel a little chaotic, and God is there for us as we also feel a little chaotic too. It's nice to know that the master organizer of the world is right by our side as we start another school year.

If you happen to be teaching Genesis chapter 1:1-2, here are some ideas:

Elementary/ Middle School:

1. Theme: Chaos to Order: Have students marble paint black and white on a circle representing the world. Then when that dries, have them color one half of the circle black. The marble side shows chaos. The clear black and white side shows order. This activity covers Genesis 1:1-3

2. Theme: Chaos: Draw scribbles on a page and have students color in the scribbles.

Middle/High School:

1. Theme: Time

- Compare and Contrast humans as bound to time and God as outside of time. How does this make us different from God?

2. Theme: Chaos (going deeper)

- Have students reflect on the song "It Is Well"- Share the the story of the song's origins.

- Genesis 1:1-2, gives us a glimpse into God's heart for his people and planet. Without him our lives are chaotic and meaningless. In him we find peace and purpose.

- Check out this article for more information on this theme.

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