7 Bible Sites for Elementary

1) Tales of the Museum by the Louvre- This fun interactive website is guided by an adorable curator. Click on icons or choose from the index for a short cartoon film providing more information on the artifact.

2) The Bible App For Kids- This app is a great tool for your students to learn and comprehend the stories of the Bible.

3) Answers in Genesis- Help your students see God through nature with this site. There are many fun videos and activities to explore.

4) Crossroads Kids Club: Crossroads is a church that has many videos to help young students understand truths and stories in the Bible.

5) Adventure Bible- Find fun activities and games here for your students.

6) Kids Activities- The Bible translation organization, Wycliffe, has some great resources to help your students appreciate different cultures from a Biblical worldview.

7) Kids Bible Maps- This site will aid your class as you journey through foreign lands. Kids Bible Maps provides maps and audio to help your students not get lost while they read famous Bible stories.

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