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Ever want to switch up your routine. Fundrum My Conundrum: A Book of Riddles by Raymond Epstein and Benjamin Kovler is a perfect resource to get your students engaged and thinking once they enter your classroom. The only problem is that once you introduce this to your students they will ask for them throughout the entire school year.

Here's how I implemented this resource in my class:

1- A riddle was posted once they entered the classroom.

2- The students would grab their journals and write down the answer.

3- They were not allowed to share the answer with anyone but me (the teacher).

4- Whoever was the first to answer correctly was allowed to walk around the classroom and check the other student's answers.

5- If there were a lot of students, the second person who answered correctly could also walk around the classroom.

6- After 5-10 minutes the student who was the first to guess correctly, was allowed to reveal the answer to the class.

7- Sometimes, I would not give away the answer and let the class grapple with the riddle for a day.

Be warned, these riddles, if not properly managed can take away precious class time. However, you will quickly see your students learn to use their critical thinking skills. And often, those students who do not believe in their brilliance will beam with pride when they discover they are the first to figure out the riddle.

I loved sharing these riddles with my class and I hope you will too!

God bless!

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