15 Ice Breaker Bell Ringers

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Want to get to know your students better? Have your students answer these questions, and be prepared to answer them yourself.

1.Imagine you are the author of very popular novel. What is the genre, setting, and main character of your book?

2. You have suddenly morphed into your favorite super hero, who are you and what are your new powers?

3. Life has leaped forward and you are graduating college and just been offered your dream job. What will you be doing?

4. Someone has just handed you a hat, cape, magnifying glass, and the super power to solve any mystery in the world. With your new detective skills, what great mystery are you going to solve?

5. Your doorbell rings, there is a man with a video camera and another man holding a microphone He announces that you and your family have just won a dream vacation to....describe your dream vacation.

6. Mornings can be rough, create an invention that will help it go a little smoother.

7. It's winter, there's a lot of snow and it's cold. Invent a sport that people can enjoy in the snow.

8. You have come across a strange little man. This man has given you the opportunity to live the next year in your favorite novel. Describe the world of your favorite novel.

9. Imagine you had to pick between being 12 inches tall or 12 ft. tall. Which would you pick and how would life be different?

9. You open your closet and suddenly discover that your wardrobe only has one pattern (stripes, plaid, or solid). If you had to wear one of these patterns the rest of your life, which pattern would you pick?

10. You and a friend went into your perfect restaurant. Describe the atmosphere and the food they serve.

11. You won a sweepstakes to design your dream bedroom. You have an appointment to meet with the contractor and interior designer, what will you tell them you want?

12. You have been given the opportunity to volunteer with any organization for a year. What organization will you be helping with and what will you be doing?

13. Create a new National Holiday that will be added to our calendar. What new traditions will we celebrate on this new holiday?

14. Your favorite band believes you'll be a great new addition. You can choose to have any job in the band, what is your new role?

15.If you had the power to eliminate one negative problem in our world, what would you pick and what would be the ripple effect?

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